When to End it, When to Stay

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When to End it, When to Stay is about asking the toughest of questions. It's probably the question that you are already thinking about all the time anyway.

Are you in a relationship that's causing you more pain than joy? Are you asking yourself when to end it already? You know that you love or at least loved your partner/husband/wife but you are now drowning in a sea of never-ending problems.

Are you living a life of frustration, exhaustion and hopelessness, interrupted on rare occasions by moments of connection that offer you a fleeting sense of hope that maybe we can make this work? Do you avoid honest conversations with your family or friends so that they don't have the chance to ask you how your relationship is going?

When to End it When to Stay is your course of action when you know that you just can't take it any more.

What some of our clients say...

Mary Anne Radmacher

This training is specifically geared toward relationship. I celebrate the transferrable nature of all that Alina and Craig have to share in this opportunity. The principles are clearly presented, make sense and their expert skill in sharing make even the most onerous circumstance feel more manageable. There is great guidance and clarity to be found in the company of these two skilled professionals. Mary Anne Radmacher, author, artist & enthusiast of the Process of EFT

Christy Korrow

What makes Craig and Alina's work unique is that their teaching is grounded in their own life experiences, in addition to years of training and work with clients.

Their work is holistic because it extends beyond the issue of the relationship in question and places it in context of the totality of your self and spiritual development. They provide you with guidance and tools for deep examination which assist you to clear and process the underlying issues and root cause of relationship challenges. By gaining a deeper sense of self awareness and clearing emotional blocks, you can move forward into healthy relationships throughout your life, whether you choose to stay or go. Christy Korrow, editor, LILIPOH Magazine

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